okay. we all know i like to shop online.

and i'm pretty darn good at it.

free shipping, coupon codes, cash back...i totally know how to work it.

however, there is one down side to online shopping. no instant gratification.

checking tracking numbers and waiting for the "brown santa" {as i affectionately call my UPS man} to arrive with the goods just kills me!

will i love it? will it fit? so many questions...

thankfully, most places have a generous return policy if you're not entirely happy.

but entirely happy i am with my last few purchases!

so, i simply must share...

this cat.

it was love at first sight for mitch, he pointed to it and said with great enthusiasm, "oh, po-pole {purple} car...vroom!"
this print.

and this purse.



Elise said...

Does that purse have crumbs in the bottom of it???


The Venutis said...

I like...I like... I like...and I love reading your blog. : ) You are too cute.

Jill said...

E: no crumbs yet...give it time though!

Heidi: thank you, so nice of you to say...that made me smile!

Jessica said...

love that purse.