a confession.

yesterday, i left sydney at church.

i really did.

i have at least five good reasons as to why i wasn't thinking clearly, but none of them seem good enough for what i did.

fortunately, if you're ever going to do something that dumb...that's the place to do it.

as soon as i punched my garage door opener i realized it.

luckily she was right there when i went back, waiting with a wonderful family in our ward who had noticed she was alone.

how do you forget to bring your own child home from church. honestly?

somehow, i did. and as embarrassing as that is to admit, i'm hoping you'll share your most embarrassing bad parenting moment to make me feel better.

please? do share.

and never again, i promise!


Diane N. said...

You're not the first...it happens...think about how Kevin McAllister's poor mom must have felt! Hopefully no long term emotional damage was done :)

koodeker said...

Don't feel bad jill. i had a customer that had a newborn in a car seat. he was sleeping & she was trying on clothes for about 20 min and in a hurry. she bought her stuff & drove off. about 2 mins later she came back and frantically said,"i forgot my baby! i am such a bad mom!"

the funny thing is i didn't even realize she had left him. i had totally forgotten he was here since he was asleep & so quiet.

The Webb Family said...

I almost forgot Tanner a few months back, after he started going to nursery. I was so used to Troy having him that I forgot all about him. I got as far as in the car and then remembered. He was the last one left, just waiting...I blamed it on being pregnant! You're not a bad mom, now I feel better that I'm not alone too!

Jill said...

mom: thanks, i needed that!

k: okay, now that really does make me feel better!

andrea: at least you had the excuse that you were pregnant. me? i got nothin! but thanks for sharing, glad i'm not the only forgetful mom at church! :)

Jessica said...

My mom left my brother Joe at church. She was primary president had lots of kids and lots on her mind. She turned out the lights and left him sitting in his car seat right there in the primary room. Three, yes three hours later she remembered to go back and get him! That's when you know you've had to many kids. :)

Jill said...

jessica: three hours, really? that's too funny!

Elise said...

My question is, "Who HASN'T forgotten to pick up-drop off-take to-or go get, one or all of their kids?". I was supposed to pick up Hannah from preschool yesterday at 3... and remembered at 3:15! Nice.

Jill said...

E: bless you for saying that...it's so true, we all have those moments, right?

The EZ Life said...

Soon after I had my twins, I had to run some errands. We piled in the car and drove up to my Mom's house, only to discover that I had left Zach in his car seat at home. Ooops!! Thank goodness he was sound asleep and didn't even miss me. I felt horrible - but it's pretty funny now.

Jill said...

sherri: that is funny! fortunately he'll never remember right? :)