i may have misunderstood the meaning of labor day.

i'm fairly certain most people took a break from their labors and enjoyed some time off.

i, on the other hand, did the following...

cleaned, purged and organized every closet and drawer in my house.

redecorated. kind of alot. {shhhh, husband likes it and hasn't asked to see any receipts...so let's just keep it that way}.

took inventory of all my shoes, clothing and jewelry. which was nice, but it also just reminded me of how wealthy i would be if i didn't love buying that kind of stuff with such passion.

hmm. i wonder if the UPS man is knocking at my door right now is a sign from above to quit. buying. stuff. online.

i can explain though, i had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and what girl can resist these in purple and these in black?


despite my obsessive behavior this past weekend, we did manage to devote all day yesterday to some much needed family time.

we went swimming.
we had a picnic.
we all took naps.
we ate dinner together.

then had a perfectly simple but sweet family night at st. george temple grounds and visitor center.

watching my children gaze intently at the statue of Christ with such reverence and respect reminded me of just how glorious His plan for us really is.

this little family of mine is mine forever.

oh happy day!


Roberts Fam said...

Sounds perfect to me!

Diane N. said...

The best of both worlds...temporal & spiritual!
Good job.
xoxox Mom

Natalie said...

Gotta love that birthday money. Sounds like a great day!