super star.

just posting these photos, i'm bursting with pride.

this is my girl.

and i'm beyond proud of the little lady she's becoming.

brilliant, polite, charming, compassionate and hilarious.

last week she started school, this time with miss. debbie at super star preschool.

she loves it.

we have a tradition of playing hide-n-seek the few minutes prior to her carpool arriving and mitchell is enjoying getting in on the fun. so, last monday when her ride came to pick her up, she jumped in the car and off she went.

not thinking much of it, i went to pick up mitchell and go back in the house. but, when i looked down at him, my heart melted. he was looking up at me with those big puppy dog eyes of his and with the saddest, softest little boy voice said, "sissy go?"

oh, i love those kids of mine. there are no words for just how much.

despite all the crazy stuff they do that i post about, they are my most cherished possession.

i consider myself blessed above all else to have received the gift of raising them in this life.

and forever.


Petit Elefant said...

That's a really cute idea, to have your child put up how many fingers old they are. Love it.

Roberts Fam said...

she is growing up way to fast just wait tell Mitchell goes to school!