dude or diva?


where do i begin?

there are so very many things wrong with this picture.

my little boy photographed without pants, wearing his big sister's blinged out shoes all while holding a pink rose petal.

if nothing else, it'll be great blackmail material someday, right?


lynette said...

hehe! so cute! wesley use to do the same thing! i guess there's nothing wrong for a little boy wanting to look pretty too!

Petit Elefant said...

but i see so much RIGHT with the picture. he's clearly happy, hanging out with mama, feeling pretty.


Jill said...

lynette: you're right...i guess that's to be expected with an older sister! i should have known, my younger sis and i used to torture my poor little brother. we'd dress him up in our clothes and pile makeup all over him. incredibly, he turned out alright!

allison: i like your perspective...he IS clearly happy, so maybe there's nothing to worry about...plus metallics are SO in this season, right? haha!

Chanda said...

Ahaha...Love it! It's the perfect "threat" pic. If our moms had threatened us with embarassing photos, maybe we would have thought twice about sliding down my roof with socks on our hands?! Naaah, probably not! hehe

Jill said...

c: will that ever stop being funny?!

scaling your roof with socks on our hands to avoid splinters...what i wouldn't give to have witnessed that from the road...can you imagine how nutty we must have looked!?

ah, the good ol' days!