you can't make this stuff up.

this morning, in preparation for our family photos tomorrow, i was ironing the kids clothes in the laundry room. mitchell came in and needed some help putting on his shoes. naturally, i kneeled down to assist him. he was still standing and rather than holding on to my shoulder while i put on his shoes, he grabbed the legs of the ironing board.

you guessed it, this is where it's gets ugly.

he bobbled the ironing board just enough to knock the iron over the edge.

i looked up in time to see it falling right toward me. it all happened so fast.

the iron grazed my chin and on its way to the ground and i must have let out quite a yelp because both my kids had the most concerned and horrified looks on their faces.

as soon i grasped what had just happened a wave of pain hit me, and i rushed to the mirror to survey the damage.

please keep in mind it's ONE day before our annual family photos.

all the fretting, the outfit planning, the location selection...the stress. that alone is enough to give me hives. now add to the mix a lovely little souvenir on my face. a reminder of the day the iron fell on my head. a memory that will forever be captured in our family photographs tomorrow.

the bright side? it is kind of in the shape of a lightning bolt which is pretty cool.

i had been searching for the perfect accessory and i can pretty much guarantee no one else will be seen wearing a lightning bolt-shaped burn mark in their family photos this year!

you just have to laugh...

i mean, really, what are the odds?

thank goodness for the magic of photoshop!


Diane N. said...

Sheesh, glad you're OK....doesn't Harry Potter have something similar going on?

Heidi and Judd said...

I'm sure you'll still look as beautiful as usual! We won't even be able to tell! Can't wait to see them!

koodeker said...

are you serious? gosh! well i can't wait to see the pics. did you figure out the wardrobe ok??

Jill said...

mom: yep, harry potter and me. i would imagine that not too many other people have that distinguished honor of sharing a lightning bolt on their face!

heidi: thank you sweetheart...i sure hope so!

kiki: unfortunately, i am serious. nice. i know! the wardrobe came together nicely, at least i thought it did! we'll see :)

Petit Elefant said...

well, you can guarantee no one else you know will have a lightning bolt on their faces for the family christmas photo. i'm just saying.

Jill said...

allison: you know me....always looking for a way to stand out in a crowd!