is it just me?

or is december flying by at warp speed.

seriously. what. is. up?

i'm only a few days away from hitting the panic button!

add to the holiday madness a soon-to-be five year old daughter who's expecting greatness when it comes to a birthday party on the 19th.

love that kid, really i do...but she sets the bar pretty dang high when it comes to parties and gifts. sheesh!

i would love nothing more than to simply focus all my attention on the true spirit of the season and not feel like i'm drowning in "to-do" lists.

if anyone has any potent anti-anxiety drugs lying around...could ya send a couple my way?

my nerves thank you in advance!

and to the month of december i say: please slow down. i need you to slow down.


Emily Anne said...

It is flying by.. Really fast.
Love your blog. Too cute for words. :)

Jill said...

emily: thank you, aren't you sweet?

Steph said...

is sydney really almost 5? wasn't i just holding her at your house and dying over her spun gold hair?

ps. i've got a 90 day supply...just let me know ;) ha ha ha