my hero.

as i'm sure you concluded from my last post, i was feeling a little stressed out about getting everything done in time for Christmas.

amazon.com to the rescue!

i seriously started my holiday shopping {online} on friday around 9am and was completely finished within an hour. {did i mention i was sipping hot chocolate and still in my jammies the entire time}?

even better? i didn't pay one cent for shipping or tax and all my items will be delivered within three business days.

so santa, just in case you read my blog...i have a suggestion.

you might want to consider getting all your elves new laptops for Christmas this year and let amazon do the rest!

just a thought.


Demarcus Family said...

yes, amazon saves me every year! Love their sales.

koodeker said...

yes..but don't forget to support your local businesses too! :)

Jill said...

trish: i think the "brown santa" a.k.a. the UPS man will be frequenting our neighborhood this year once again!

kyong: indeed. i did buy all my stocking stuffers locally! trust me with a hubby who works in city government...i am regularly reminded to support our local businesses! just open a st. george location of your fab store and i'd support the heck out of ya! :)

koodeker said...

go mark! i'm glad he understands the importance :) don't tempt me to open a store down there. this weather lately has been miserable. and the fact that i had to move in it makes me hate winter even more!

Steph said...

I have like 10 boxes in my garage with a smiley face arrow thing on them . . .