simply magical.

their excited little faces say it all.

Christmas 2009 will forever live in my memory as one of the most magical ever.

husband and i were just waking up when we heard sydney's bedroom door open...

then the toilet flush.

then the sweet little shuffle of her slippers as she turned the corner to see if santa came.

what we heard next is undoubtedly one of the highlights of my life.

trying hard to keep her excitement at bay, she whispered breathlessly, "ohhhhh WOW!"

then a few seconds later she came running into our room exclaiming, "santa brought me a barbie jeep!"

my heart swelled with joy.

in that moment, all the time, money, stress and preparation for Christmas morning was completely and totally worth it.

then, as we were getting our pj's on to go out and open the gifts that santa brought, we heard her once more as she stood in awe at the sight of her new barbie jeep..."ohhhh, i love it!"

i loved it too. every last second of it.

their really is nothing like Christmas morning with little ones. how i cherish these sweet memories. i know how quickly time passes and how fast they grow up and i never want to forget pure joy i felt inside as i watched my children light up on Christmas morning.

later that night, as sydney and i were saying prayers together, she said..."thank you Jesus for being born today. i love you."

well said, i thought.


Clenece said...

Oh, I am so glad she got the Barbie car she wanted!! Merry Christmas!

Diane N. said...

So sweet. Can't wait for the fun to continue...see you Wednesday!
xoxo Mom

These Are The Days said...

Glad (Santa) found the pink Jeep for Syd...looks like she like's it. :)

Jill said...

clenece: thanks! hope you holiday was nice as well!

mom: we can hardly wait until tomorrow! drive safe :)

jess: yes, santa did good! worth every penny!

Chanda said...

So cute! Those memories/moments make it all worthwhile!

Jill said...

chanda: totally, all the fuss really does pay off! so worth it!