american idle.

it's now day five of my pj-wearing, junk food filled, braless, frizzy-haired, makeup-less marathon.


like you haven't been doing the same thing!

ha! busted.


Brooke said...

Hey Now! At least I put on a bra before noon... that's gotta count for something. Granted, may not have happend if the doorbell didn't ring?!? :P

Jill said...

brooke: you're a step ahead of me with the bra...i've been lettin' the girls breathe for a few days!

Anonymous said...

I haven't worn a bra in a solid week. I am now 10% more National Geographic than I was last week. My husband is loving it. :P

Jill said...

natalie: you're far too pretty to be the next national geographic cover girl!

lynette said...

five days? i've been like that for three weeks (since lexie was born) and i don't see things changing for at least a couple more months.

Elise said...

My house looks like a bomb went off... I just got to my stack of bills... and I didn't get out half of my neighbor gifts... the best thing is... I ... don't... care! I think that the week between Christmas and New Years is the official 'MOM's week off'. We'll, at least I'm taking it!!!
: D Love ya Jillski!


Jill said...

lynette: there's no better reason than a newborn to let the other stuff go....hope you're enjoying that sweet new bundle!

e: i'm all in favor of a "mom's week off" - but does it have to be only once a year? i vote for one at least once a quarter! :)