what a difference a day makes.

24 little hours.

things were infinitely better today.

the antibiotics are doing their thing.

air is flowing through my nose once again {oh blessed air, how i've missed you so}.

one of santa's best helpers ever {my amazing mom} found sydney's main christmas gift for like a zillion dollars less than i could find anywhere here or online. she said she could sense me jumping up and down when she called with the good news. {and i was}.

did a load of laundry filled with dozens of teeny, cute white socks and miraculously the same number that went in came out! that almost never happens.

hosted an open house this evening with some really lovely ladies from the relief society in my ward...and had a thoroughly enjoyable time eating and visiting.

so i'll happily take my lumps {yesterday} because it makes me appreciate the good days all that much more!

but, truth be told...the good days are much more fun!

and one last thing...thank you to my sweet friends for all your well wishes, they truly brightened my miserable day!



Steph said...

i love you



glad you are doing better

oh and the sock thing, AWESOME

NATALIE said...

Glad today is better :)