who's on first?

on the morning of december 19th, 2004...we welcomed our first child into the world with great joy and anticipation of what her future would hold.

fast forward five years.

december 19, 2009 - 7:23 am...

syd: good morning mom.

me: {singing} happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday sweet sydney, happy birthday to you!

syd: silence.

me: {puzzled as to why she wasn't more excited about her birthday}, aren't you excited? today's your birthday!

syd: no it's not.

me: um, yes it is honey. on this day, five years ago, you were born...so today is when we celebrate your "birth" day.

syd: so when am i going to be five?

me: you're five right now.

syd: {getting more and more agitated} no, when do i turn five?

me: sweetheart, you turned five early this morning while you were sleeping.

syd: {clearly not grasping the concept of how aging takes place} is it almost my birthday?

me: it's your birthday right now! right this second it is your special day, the day you were born.

syd: but i'm not a baby, i'm a big girl.

me: {thinking to myself, well...not that big if you are having such a hard time figuring out this whole birthday thing} honey, i know you're not a baby, but five years ago on december 19th mom and dad went to the hospital to have a baby...and do you know who that baby was?

syd: {finally cracking a smile} was it me?

me: yes! it was you! and do you know how happy i was when the doctor placed you in my arms for the first time?

syd: {a quiet giggle and a shy smile}

me: i cried lots of happy tears that day. december 19th was and always will be a very special day in our family. it was the day our Heavenly Father sent you to us. and i can't believe it was five years ago! you are such a big girl and i love you so much.

syd: {smiling} mom, can i have some milk and watch tom & jerry now?

me: sure babes, anything for my birthday girl.


These Are The Days said...

Happy Birthday Syd!! Love that pic of you two. She's a sweetie pie, hope you all have a fun day.