what can brown do for you?

my ups man just honked jingle bells on his horn as he drove down our street.

how's that for showing your Christmas spirit?

thanks "brown santa" for making me smile tonight!


Steph said...

LOL! i totally heard that and was like what the...?!?! then I saw the UPS man crusin

minerfam said...

I am in love with this!!
My brown santa doesn't even wait for me to open the stupid door!

We live in a Zoo! said...

I have never been to your site before and came for a visit from Petit Elephant to read "the greatest gift" That is a really cute idea.
I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love that LDS button you have on your sidebar there. So cute!!!

Jill said...

steph: i know, wasn't that such a nice and unexpected little tune?

danalee: sorry to hear your ups guy isn't as cool as ours :)

we live in a zoo: thanks for stopping by, i'll email you that LDS button...if you'd like to add it to your blog :)