it would be a good idea for me {and my dwindling bank account} to unsubscribe to ninewest.com.

the allure of 70% off and free shipping is a temptation i simply cannot resist.

plus, i totally needed these cute purple suede pumps anyway!


The Venutis said...

I LOVE purple right now! And who can resist 70% off.

ALI said...

I love purple lately. Purple shoes. Purple sweatshirt. Purple scarf. Purple tshirt. Love it. And its weird because purple is usually my least favorite color!

Steph said...

must. have. those.

Jill said...

heidi: i don't know anyone who can resist 70% off at nine west...certainly not me!

ali: purple has always been my fave! it just makes me happy :)

steph: yeah! hurry and get some...they're selling out fast!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a wardrobe that would support purple suede pumps! Did you get a pair? You reeeeeaaaallly should. I will enjoy them vicariously. ;)

Jill said...

natalie: i did pick myself up a pair of these purple beauties...they were calling my name!