busy. but busy in a good way.

here's what i've been working on for the past couple of days.

and here's the story behind it...

friday night i said a prayer.

i prayed that i would be granted more opportunities to serve.

i also prayed that if an opportunity to serve presented itself, i would have the ability and desire to help however i could.

then i went to sleep.

saturday morning as i sat reading the paper, eating a bowl of honey-nut cheerios, this article was on the front page.

i was moved.

moved by the actions of this family to serve the children living in afghanistan, but on an even deeper level, i was moved by the instantaneous answer to my prayer just a few short hours earlier.

i knew what i needed to do.

i said another little prayer.

this time to say "thank you."

then, i took a while and thought about how i could use my time and talents to help this wonderfully worthy cause.

so, in addition to providing donations of school supplies, i offered to help by creating a website dedicated to their service.

stephanie was thrilled and so very appreciative. she and her husband are doing an amazing thing. it is my sincere hope that you'll take the time to read about their efforts to help improve the lives of the sweet children in afghanistan through the power of education.

there is no greater gift than the gift of education.

and i ask, next time you're at the grocery store, swing by the school supply isle won't you?

just $10 worth would make a great donation...and a big difference.

visit the site for stephanie's contact information or to learn where donations are being accepted.

i promise, you'll love the way you'll feel inside if you do!


Diane N. said...

How amazing! There is no sweeter joy than that born of service. Good on ya!

Meeks said...

Oh I love it when we become instruments in the Lord's hands, and he is able to direct us to those who we can assist. The flow on effect of your actions not only give you the feel good factor, and help the organizaion, but you children are going to be able to watch your example and be able to see what service looks like! well done!

natalie said...

We are His hands on earth- I have a testimony of that.
This is such a wonderful cause. My brother just finished his second tour (he's a Marine), and he talked about how desperately the kids need these supplies.

These Are The Days said...

That is awesome Jill, I'll look into it. I'd love to help donate school supplies. I just feel so bad for kids who want to learn and yet don't have a thing to get started. I had a similar experience w/ yours two days ago. My prayer was answered instantaniously too. Looks like I'll be volunteering at the Pregnancy Crisis Center in Mesa. I have to go through training first...can't wait. :) I'm following you now so I don't miss out on any more of your posts. Blog on girl!

Jill said...

mom: thanks! i hope your S.O.S group can help next month...that would be so amazing! i've truly learned from the best!

meeks: i couldn't agree more...service is always a win-win!

natalie: His hands indeed. well said!

jess: that's so great you'll be volunteering at the crisis center. i'm so blessed to have such incredible friends who are examples to me! :)