good {works}

i'm happy to report quilt day was a huge success!

in addition to good food, good friends + good works,
here's what we accomplished:

six full size quilts :: completed
hundreds of quilt squares :: cut
dozens of doll dresses :: sewn

BRAVO ladies!

thank you to all who contributed and participated in this wonderful day of service.

i'm honored to live among such great women who make serving others such a high priority!

i am seriously so blessed.

and speaking of blessings, we're actually in need of a few. 
my sydney is having more tests this week to hopefully determine the cause of some worsening health problems. if you could, say a little prayer for her and our family that we might find some answers soon.

i know the power of prayer is real.

and i thank you in advance for remembering us.



Elise said...

thinking about you guys! i will pray for you all too. wish i was there to give you a big hug xo. e

Jenn Kirk said...

6 full quilts? That is amazing!

Chanda said...

high FIVE!

Roberts Fam said...

Way to go JILL!!!