i can't get enough.

of this kid.

i smother him with kisses all day, every day.

if i could, i'd take a bite...he's just that yummy.

but, apparently this kid has had enough of the suffocating mommy love he gets on a daily basis.

today i asked him if i could have some kisses and he very politely told me, "no mama...dats nuff."

hopefully, you'll have better luck getting some love this valentine's day weekend.



natalie said...

Up until my son was three, every night after his bath he would ask me for a bathtime kiss and a bathtime hug. Then one day I tried to give him the kiss and hug, and he turned me down flat! He never willingly let me kiss or hug him again! I love it when they're easy to love on- all squishy and warm and yummy. :)

These Are The Days said...

I do the same thing. When Jaxon was a newborn, my MIL made a stupid comment about the fact that I kiss him too much. I don't think that's possible. :)

Elie's Papel said...

beautiful child... enjoy and have a great weekend!

Elise said...

jillski. love that pick. he has your amazing brown eyes. i'm all about the kisses too : D i'm also all about your cute background. is that a bedspread or what? i must know. e

Jill said...

e: yes, that's our new duvet cover from pottery barn. our christmas gift to each other this year was all new bedroom furniture + a king mattress. it feels so luxurious...i catch myself walking into my room for no reason other than to just take a peek!