and the makeover goes to...

congratulations jill!

please email me to claim your prize: jillnmortensen{at}gmail{dot}com.


and without further adieu...here are my answers.
with much less unnecessary elaboration...

one :: mashed

two :: window

three :: righty

four :: shower

five :: not to tweet

six :: chocolate

seven :: fry sauce

eight :: neat freak

nine :: toilet paper over

ten :: talk

eleven :: debit

twelve :: not so much

thirteen :: dill

fourteen :: shop online

fifteen :: lunch with a friend

sixteen :: conan

seventeen :: french fries

eighteen :: banana cream

nineteen :: pb + honey

twenty :: wisdom + the number of a good plastic surgeon...ha!

thanks for playing and thank you for reading...
i love making new friends through this little blog of mine.

wishing you a lovely first weekend of spring!


Jill said...

I'm so sad!! I was away from my computer all week pretty much and didn't get a chance to enter..

At least the winner's name was Jill.

christensen crew said...

Jill...Let's do it for sure!!! :) Or dinner!