red {rocks}.

i love where i live.

red rocks.
blue skies.
palm trees.
warm sun.

i see it everyday and i still marvel at the beauty that surrounds me.

this week, we spent more time outside than in.
the weather was perfect.
grandparents + cousins were in town.
the parks were calling our name.
and so was cafe rio!

it was pretty much an awesome week.

how was yours?


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Natalie said...

sounds like a perfect week! If ONLY the good weather could stick around for more than a day here, I would be content myself, even without cafe rio. Though I would probably need a pork burrito enchilada style to feel perfectly happy.=)

These Are The Days said...

I agree, you live in a beautiful part of the world. I went there last spring and had forgotten just how lovely it is.

Kalli Ko said...

I love where you live too. If you had a basement apartment and a job for my husband I'd live there too...