the envelope please...

and the winner is...

congratulations natalie!

please email me to claim your prize: jillnmortensen{at}gmail{dot}com

this was so much fun, i'm considering a second round of questions {with another giveaway, of course}.

and for all of you who have waited so patiently on the edge of your seat for this thrilling moment...

i give you {drumroll please}

my answers + plenty of unnecessary elaboration.

one :: brains 
{have you ever met a really beautiful but painfully stupid person? enough said}

two :: butter 
{someone once told me margarine is like one molecule away from being plastic 
and that totally freaked me out}

three :: wheat
{with the exception of crusty white bread to dip in homemade chicken noodle soup}

four :: heels
{for all you "flats" ladies, humor me and try on a hot pair of heels and tell me you don't feel sexy}

five :: short hair
{i have dumb hair that fizzles out if i let it grow past my shoulders. 
plus i just feel sassier with it short}

six :: skinny jeans
{in the beginning, i resisted the skinny trend. too many painful memories of the fourth grade, 
zippered guess jeans and a tragic perm...
now i've embraced them and i pretty much think they're awesome}

seven :: early bird
{as a semi-reformed night owl, i must say that i quite enjoy the early morning hours 
when things are peaceful and still...like mainly my kids}

eight :: stand out
{i think that one speaks for itself}

nine :: lipstick
{as you may have gathered from this post, i kinda like makeup. like kinda a lot}

ten :: the book
{i have yet to see a book-based movie that i thought was better than the book}

eleven :: city or country
{city shopping + restaurants | country living}

twelve :: dine in
{preferably on a hot date with my hubby at our fave sushi restaurant}

thirteen :: diet coke or diet pepsi
{neither, ick. i'm a dr. pepper kinda gal}

fourteen :: palm trees
{sunshine + warmth = happiness...in my book}

fifteen :: milk chocolate
{bring it baby...i'm not picky}

sixteen :: fall
{oh, fall....swoon. i love everything about it. 
the smells, the nip in the air, chili + cornbread and college football}

seventeen :: mac
{once you go mac, you never go back...}

eighteen :: cup
{less drippy that way. i guess}

nineteen :: vacation without kids
{by its very definition, a vacation to me implies no kids...
relaxation is hard to come by with a two and a five year old 
needing to go potty or wanting a snack...know what i'm sayin?}

twenty :: mail box
{there's nothing sweeter than getting an unexpected package or hand-written note in the mail}


have a fantastic weekend...

are you interested in a second round of questions + another chance to win?


the southern hostess said...

Ooo, yes! Let's have a round 2. Congrats to Natalie!

Natalie said...

Oh, Jill, I'm SO excited!! I LOVE your style and really can't believe I won! So Fun!!

minerfam said...

Yes, Yes... round two!

Diego and Sam Jo said...

Congrats to Natalie!

Nat B. said...

Heck ya, it's time for the other Natalie to win too :)

christensen crew said...

Oh dear, I am so disappointed...I wondered about the early bird and the milk chocolate. Those were the only two that I missed. :( Yes, I am ready for round two. Game on.