{real} funny.

my life would be so dull without these two yahoos.

granted i have my moments of frustration.


they make me laugh

all. the. time.


mitch tries to participate in our family prayers by folding his arms,
bowing his head and repeating:


over and over until the prayer is finished.

half the time we're discreetly wiping tears of laughter from our eyes.

and sydney

the best part about her humor is that it's often unintentional.

after meeting and playing with a cute new friend the other day,
she said to me, "mom, i really like my new friend. will i ever see her again?"

i replied, "yes sweetie, she just lives around the corner 
and you two can play again some other time."

then, after a few moments of thoughtful silence...

"i really like her, she smells like burritos."



Linda said...

Well who doesn't want a friend that smells like burritos?! And my little guy still prays for all our dead pets and blesses the food even when he goes to bed. Love my little ones too! Thanks for stopping by by blog. Love yours :)

Anonymous said...

My best friend in elementary school smelled like Saltines, and I remember thinking that was THE BEST. ha!

Elie's Papel said...

they are adorable... congrats!