a good thing.

me + my sis circa 2002

my sister lives 300 miles away.

which neither of us like one bit.

she and her darling boys are here this week enjoying the sunshine and some quality "cousin-time."

i don't know who's having more fun...us or the kids.

we've always said we wished we lived closer.
however, we've come to realize that living next door to each other could be problematic.
problematic indeed.

my online shopping problem would grow into something that would require an intervention.
a 50 lb weight gain would be inevitable as neither of us posses one shred of self-discipline.
ice-cold caffeinated beverage consumption would increase drastically.
crumb donuts would work their way back into my diet somehow.
our children would go unsupervised for lengthy periods of time.
instyle and real simple magazines would be read in great detail.
time spent playing at the park would increase significantly.
the gym membership would go completely unused.
all 500 dvr'd episodes of oprah would be watched.
housework would fall to the bottom of the list.
basically, nothing would get done.

we'd be fat, broke and lazy.
but we would be so darn happy.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you both are so gorgeous that I can't even stand it. Seriously, it's just not fair!

Steph said...

awwwwww...... love it!

she really should just move here, especially at the rate these houses are going up for sale, pick a house, any house.... ;)


Elise said...

Oh how I love you both!!!!!

Kehl Family said...

Still can't stop laughing at that blog post, probably because it's so so true! Especially the part about that we would be SO HAPPY! I miss you and the sun already. I am watching a snow storm out my window right now:( Thanks again for the best week!