april showers.


bring may flowers.

may will also bring:

the first ever st. george ironman {tomorrow}
and the end of a full year of planning and organizing for husband {and many others}.
we attended a dinner last night with all the athletes...
their determination, courage and perseverance is an inspiration to me.
i was in awe.
and i wish them all the best tomorrow as they compete in what's being called
the most challenging {and scenic} ironman course in the entire continental united states.

a birthday for grandma diane and grandma ro.

mother's day.

a new niece!

the end of preschool forever for sydney {sniff-sniff}.

a midnight 5K for me.

the salt lake century ride for husband.

warmer temperatures and lots of time at the park.


what will may bring you?



Anonymous said...

I'm so excited Ironman is coming here! Someday..... I will be in one...Someday.

Elise said...

a crap-load of packing. good luck to mark tomorrow!!!

christensen crew said...

your blog is so cute...I have to laugh cause my 7 year old took pics (like 30) of his Zhu Zhu pet too. That little Syd is so pretty...what a cute little turkey day mix up...how hilarious.

Heidi and Judd said...

Oh we are excited to see you in a couple of weeks! Can't wait to have the new baby too!