i try.

every morning before i get in the shower, 
i take all the obvious precautions to ensure my child's safety 
while i'm momentarily preoccupied. 
stuff like locking all the doors to prevent unwanted escapes, 
making sure all writing and cutting utensils are well out of reach 
and that the door to his sister's room is closed 
{oh boy does she ever get mad when he gets into her stuff}.

basically, i try really hard to think like a two year old.

what would i like to get into today?

put popcorn kernels inside of the subwoofer?

throw rocks into the backyard water feature?

remove all the boxes of mac n cheese from the pantry
and use them to build a tower in the sandbox?

empty and suck on an entire roll of dental floss?

dig up my mother's beloved herb garden?

decorate my toy box with toothpaste?

nah, been there, done that...


today, i'm after something new and exciting.

hmmm, what about mom's purse?

YES, that's it!

so, what do you think? 

is this my shade of lipstick?

oh, and i hope what they say about gum staying in your stomach 
for like seven years is a myth, because i ate seven pieces.



Kellie Larsen said...

oh i am so excited for mckai to get older...trouble!

Nick and Paige said...

Oh you are so lucky! I love it! Things to look forward to!

Steph said...

with his trouble skills and my boys trouble skills, we could have one big lipstick/dirt/pee-filled squirt gun disaster!

Anonymous said...

This is my daughter to a tee! This morning she did the EXACT same thing. Only she had shiny pink lip gloss all over her hands and face and when I saw she was chewing gum she threw it AT the trash and ran and sat in time out. Kids :)

Chanda said...

you've got your hands full there! good thing he came with those amazing eyes and a contagious smile!!

p.s. do you have two friends with children named makai/mckai? crazy!