nap time negotiations.

unfortunately for me, nap time is becoming optional for this one.

yesterday, after about an hour of listening 
to him sing twinkle twinkle little star
and play with his toys {instead of sleeping} 
i decided to go in and have a little heart to heart about the importance of naps.

which always works really well with a two and a half year old...

needless to say, it didn't take long to recognize that a nap just wasn't in the cards.

then, the following conversation:

him: mama, i get out pwease.
me: what are you gonna do if i get you out?
him: hmmmm, i do trick!
me {starting to laugh}: okay, let's see!

he proceeded to do the cutest little somersault on his bedroom floor.

and then proudly said, "see mama, i do trick!"


happy mother's day weekend!

somehow i lucked out with the best mom in the world.

she's smart, spiritual, beautiful and classy.

and when i grow up, i want to be just like her!


plus, not only is my mom super awesome,

but it just so happens i also have the best mother-in-law ever.

she is really one of the most Christ-like people i know.

you've never met a person more dedicated to service in all your life.


basically, i'm extremely blessed in the mom department.

lucky me!



Jill K said...

What a cute little boy!

My almost 3 year old has opted out of naps too.. sad for me in the day, but she's out by 8 at night!

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Diane N. said...

Funny Mitch! Love the trick thing...that is so sweet. You just have to give in to that!
And thanks so much for the loving words...and I think the apple has fallen close to the tree!
xoxo Mom
Happy Mom's Day!