borderline amazing.

something exciting is happening.

at the ripe old age of 33, i'm beginning to realize that this body of mine
is capable of much more than i've ever pushed it to do.

i'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that i no longer have
my twenty-one year old metabolism :(
{which, btw was ridiculously awesome}. 

i kid you not, i could eat anything and everything
{and trust me when i tell you this...i did}
and not gain one. single. ounce.

it was effortless.
 and i loved it.

but, fast forward twelve years and two kids later...
and well, things just aren't quite the same.

i can no longer wear low-rise jeans and sit down without having to tuck some stuff in
{and i'm not talking about my shirt}. 
ladies, i think you know where i'm going with this...
read: muffin-top.

i've never really enjoyed working out.
the best part for me, is when it's over.

but i had somewhat of a break-through moment last week.
i was out on my run-of-the-mill morning jog,
{which is typically about three miles}
enjoying the fresh air and the tunes from my ipod.
but, when i came to my usual turn-around point,
a little voice inside said, "keep going."

i'm really good at ignoring voices that tell me to do anything hard...
but, this time, for some reason...

i listened.

i turned the corner.

and really,

turned. the. corner.

i keep running.

and running.

and running.

what is going on?

i hate running.

but i feel REALLY good.

endorphins, perhaps?

could this be what i've heard referred to as "runner's high"?

whatever it is...

i like it.

and an hour and twenty minutes later,

i was home.

holy moly, what just happened?

 i felt incredible.

who knew these old bones were capable of such cool things?

certainly not me.

but now that i know i can do more than i ever thought i could....

look out world!

first sewing, now running....

i don't even recognize my own self.

but in a good way!


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Anonymous said...

okay, but how long did it take you to get to this point, because i am a running virgin and i think you just said it's going to take a few years. did i read that right? if so. i quit, but i'm very happy for you.

Jill said...

dear anonymous,

i am, by no stretch of the imagination, qualified to give advise on running! this is just simply me relaying my own experience and personal break-through moment.

however, if you want to start in that direction...
my best advise is baby steps. set very small goals. walk around the block. it that feels okay, walk a mile the next time...and so on.

anything is better than nothing - right?

good luck to you :)

Anonymous said...

i hope i didn't come across grumpy, just hoping it wouldn't take so long to love something that is so difficult for me. you are nothing short of amazing and i love your blog and your humor and am sorry my humor didn't come through as i would have hoped.

you are right. anything is better and tomorrow i will have a different attitude.

Jill said...

p.s. my goal in sharing this is to encourage NOT discourage! we're all on different levels...the level is not as important as the direction you're heading.


These Are The Days said...

WOO HOO!! I'm all about learning, growing and stretching myself lately. I think that's what life is all about! Yay for the thirty something mom's out there!! :)

Silver Strands said...

Wowie. Good for you! And for "anonymous", one day (age 47) I decided to become a runner. I walked to the track that day, decided that was enough, and walked home. Later that week I walked to the track, and walked/jogged around it 1 time. The next week - once around the track 5 days in a row. The week after that, twice around (jogging). I'd add a lap each week and WAH-LAH! I was a runner. It's do-able. Like you said, Jill, baby-steps. There were some weeks I'd hold steady and not add a lap. But my goal was to run a 5k, and in a few months time I was able to do it.

Jill - important question: I need to know what to do with the Paul Mitchell stuff - how do I make my hair look good with it? Poke it around in all directions? Use only a little? Give myself a helmet head? HELP!


the southern hostess said...

Good for you, and how inspiring!

Elise said...

We SERIOUSLY live in the same place... just a few thousand miles away. Just took up running myself and am ADDICTED? What? Who gets addicted to pain? Aren't our 30's the BEST?

Anonymous said...

I've had this same thing happen. I was running and just kept going and it was indeed the best most exhilarating thing EVER. I ended up signing up for my firs 10k because of that. Sad thing is I haven't gotten past walking mode for several years and have yet to venture back into jogging. Way to be. Next thing you know you'll be running races and triathlons!