hello july.

without a doubt, the most dreaded time of the year in my part of the world.
we spent last weekend up north where it was much, much cooler. 
and we soaked up every last minute of it, knowing what was waiting for us back home.
cuz' nothing says "welcome back" like one hundred and eleven degrees of searing summer heat.


but...let's get back to the good stuff.
husband attended his twenty-year high school reunion.
and in case you were wondering...
yes, he is married to a much younger woman thank-you-very-much.
oh, who am i kidding...i'll be there in just four short years.


which brings me to my next observation.
we all attended a little pre-reunion picnic the night before his actual reunion
and i'm not gonna lie, it made me nervous.
some thirty-eight-year-olds look old....

really old. 

sunscreen anyone?

YES please!

 so, hubby had a grand ole' time at the reunion reliving his football glory days.
and i got to meet up with some of my favorite gals for dinner.
that's all eight of us in the photo above.
funny thing, four of us live out-of-state or at the other end of the state...
so, the fact that we all landed there on the same weekend was nothing short of a miracle.
a diet coke with lemon drenched miracle!

we all ordered the same thing and sipped gallons of soda 
while we giggled and caught up on life.
it was fantastic!!

in addition to all the afore mentioned fun...
we spent sunday night with the entire extended family.
hiked around silver lake and played in the snow 
{yes, snow...it was mitchell's first time ever seeing the stuff}.
then a scrumptious BBQ at a nearby cabin to round out the evening.

it was pretty much the perfect way to spend a summer weekend!

so tell me, what are your fourth of july weekend plans?


Silver Strands said...

Sounds lovely! And yup!!! sunscreen ... essential element for a perfect week.

Anonymous said...

How fun to meet up with girlfriends! Hw lucky you got to escape this heat wave too! That is a super cute skirt by the way.

Diane N. said...

Cute friends!...and daughters :)
xo Mom

Diane N. said...
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Heather Vincent said...

Hi Jill! Thank you for your comment on my blog. Don't you just love Design Mom? Unfortunately, my husband doesn't work for SGPD. I honestly wish he did. We lived just off of Valley View when we lived down there and he worked for Desert Hills Construction, before all the lay-offs. He got on with the Sanpete County Sheriff's Department and went through the POST Academy up in Sandy. He still has about 18 months left on his contract here and then he can go pretty much any where in Utah. I would give anything for us to go back to St. George. It's so beautiful down there...not to mention it's easier to make friends down there than here in Gunnison.

I would love to follow your blog if your okay with that? And maybe when we end up back in St. George we can meet up.