little things.

you know those little things around the house that bug you every single time you walk by?

you know, stuff like:

a burned out lightbulb 
dust on a ceiling fan
a dead battery in a clock
an empty soap dispenser in the bathroom
a smudge on an out of reach window
a missing button on a favorite jacket
a squeaky door

i fixed all of mine today.

and guess what?

it feels amazing!

it's the little things i tell you.

and speaking of little things...

i have fun little giveaway coming up on monday.

so go refill your soap, oil up that squeaky door, 
enjoy your weekend
and i'll see you back here on monday!


Heather Vincent said...

I did that yesterday! It does make you feel VERY GOOD!!!!

Kristi said...

I replaced those little cabinet door/drawer bumper thingy's that soften the blow when the doors/drawers close. That has been bothering me for a while.

These Are The Days said...

Have you been nosing aroung my hose or what? You named several of my 'little things'...the ones that have popped up this week that are driving me nuts. I'll just put it on Saturday's 'honey do' list. :)

Elise said...

jewels is coming into town today. i'm working on all of the 'little things' today too : D

Ro said...

Oh, I feel so good having cleaned my house good today as the past three weeks have been so hectic. Spending 2 hrs. helping clean the church got me started.

But tonight, I've had it. Looking forward to the fireworks with Mitch, Sydney, Jill and Marc. Love you guys!

Mom - Ro