too good to b. true?

articopia, the jazzed up version of the you hue desk

meowsic - our favorite song is "applebee"


h2 whoa! 


b. toys are easily the coolest toys on the market. 
one day, while walking down the toy isle at target, these pretty much jumped off the shelf at me. 
it was love at first sight! 
the packaging, the colors, the possibilities...they really spoke to the designer in me! 
i couldn't resist, and got them for sydney as a preschool graduation gift. 
they quickly became one of my her favorites. 
i mean, what little girl doesn't love to play dress-up?

next, this little number caught my eye. 
i needed it too. so, i started scrambling for some justification for another purchase. 
ah-ha! i've got it...mitchell needs a potty-training bribe and this is just the thing. perfect! 
into the cart it went. 
and just as i suspected, it has become one of mitchell's favorites. 
my favorite? the pens, which only use water, each have a place on the writing board where 
they click in for easy storage...so, no lost pens. brilliant!

a couple of months later, i was thinking about posting about how much we love these toys, 
when this post popped up on my google reader. 

my thoughts exactly

now, here's where it gets awesome. 
i left a comment about how much we loved the same toys and guess what happened? 
gisela {who just so happens to be one of the nicest, most genuine people on the planet
from b. toys sends me the sweetest email about how happy she was to hear that we love their toys 
and get this......

offers to send my children some of their other toys.

i know. 

awesome. right?

true to her word, a big ol' box of toys arrived on my doorstep a short while later. 
this is what she sent:

the adorable and clever meowsic keyboard w/microphone. 

the super fun okideoke that records and plays back the songs you sing into it. hours of fun!

oh, but wait...it gets better. 
she also sent the articopia which their limited edition version of the you hue art desk, 
and comes with all the bells and whistles.

i can't tell you how thrilled my kids are with all of the brilliant,
well-made, clever, creative toys from b. toys. 
honestly, i was a fan before this whole amazing encounter with the company...

but now? 

well, let's just say they have a loyal customer for life. 

thank you b. toys.


The Venutis said...

Very AWESOME!!! Love the okideoke. And its nice to have toys that entertain in the HOT summer.

Heather Vincent said...

I LOVE THESE!!! Ever since I saw them advertised on Design Mom, I have wanted to get them for my kids. I know my little boy would absolutely LOVE the beads!