cool as a cucumber.

first day of school?

no sweat.


Ro said...

Well if that isn't my cutest of cute grand daughter. So big and so smart. We love you and are so proud of you - even if you are growing up so fast. What a great first day of school!

Love you bunches -
Grandma Ro

Steph said...

could she be ANY more gorgeous? I mean, SERIOUSLY!!! Love You Syd!!

Chanda said...

that girl has got-IT-together!

Roberts Fam said...

Big girl Syd! Love it

Diane N. said...

Wow, Sydney! I can't believe you are off to school! That looks like so much fun :) Looks like you have a very nice teacher!
I can't wait to see you next week in Park City.
XO Grandma Diane