back from the brink.

oh, blessed good health, welcome back.
how i have missed you.

funny how a few days of feeling like absolute garbage 
can renew your appreciation for a healthy body.

but today, i'm feeling like my old self again 
and gearing up to send my first-born to kindergarten tomorrow.

she amazes me.
she is super excited about it and not even one bit nervous. 
i'm really proud of the sweet, confident little lady she is becoming. 
i have no doubt she'll make lots of new friends and enjoy her first year of school.

and speaking of school...
i just bought my baby boy a backpack today.
yep, that chubby little nugget of mine is
going to preschool in just a few short weeks.

perhaps the reason that seems so weird is because the kid
still sleeps in a crib and wears diapers.
okay, he is a little young for school with an end-of-august-birthday.
syd was nearly four when she started, and he'll just barely be three.

i think he's ready though and i can't wait to see how adorable he looks
wearing his new backpack as he heads off for his first day!

sigh, kids...why must they grow so quickly?


Anonymous said...

Where are you doing preschool? I was thinking of Montessori. I need to get Liv into something. She's driving me crazy and she's bored to tears!

Heidi and Judd said...

OH seems like yesterday I was holding that tiny 5lb baby in my arms, and now she's going to Kindergarten? Where does time go?
Can't wait to see you guys next weekend! Aliyah can barely stand it!

Sherri said...

Just wait till you are taking them to get their driver's license and sending them on dates!! I can't believe how fast the time goes.
Glad you're feeling better!