make it stop.

over the weekend, i made a valiant effort to pick up a few
back-to-school items for my soon to be kindergartener, but came home empty-handed.
to say that the options out there are discouraging would be an understatement.

since she's outgrown the toddler section,
i've been forced to venture into the dark side of the girls' clothing department.

please tell me i'm not the only one who's a bit puzzled by some of the current trends...

peace signs
scandalously short skirts
ed hardy-esque skull + crossbones crap
and rock-n-roll nonsense that has no place on a five year old girl.

i don't know, call me a prude, but what's so wrong with dressing 
your child {emphasis on the word child}
in age appropriate, modest, quality, classy clothing??

if my budget allowed, i would buy one of everything from the crewcuts catalog.
but, hello? do you see what i see? 
$135 for a sweater, $115 for jeans and $105 for a pair of leather mary janes?
i wouldn't even spend half that much on myself,
let alone on kids clothes.

so, someone....please....
throw me a bone. i'm begging you!
where do you shop for classy, affordable childrens' clothing?


Annie said...

Check out www.childrensplace.com

Annie said...

Nevermind, it looks like that is where some of your pictures came from. I have two boys, so I don't have to worry about the short skirts and such. I have the same problem though. My four year old is in big boy stuff and it looks much too grown up for him.

Chanda said...

ed hardy-esque crap...hahaha...totally agree! Try:
and there's always GAP

lynette said...

ugh! i know! let's hope this fad doesn't last very long.

but, i usually buy carly's jeans in late spring when they are super cheap at gap or oldnavy. as for tops, although gap and oldnavy do follow trends, they also usually have some classic clothes too. if you click on girls at oldnavy and then back to school looks, scroll all the way down to "most popular frills"--there are some really cute things there.

also, like chanda said, crazy 8 has really cute, modest things.

AND,when i was in utah last week i bought carly the cutest cardigan and a couple of shirts from down east.

good luck!

Kristen said...

I went to Childrens place for jeans and grace carried around that red and black skirt you had pictured and begged for it. I said absolutely not. I have been buying shirts at osh kosk and at 77 kids online. plus, gap has had cute stuff in the past haven't been on their site in a while. I have also ben impressed with Target too. Good luck it is tough when they are not in toddler size anymore.

natalie said...

Land's End is about the only place that carries regular clothes anymore. The clothes are fairly boring, but as long as my kids are neat, tidy and don't look like they fell off the back of a drug dealer's hoopty wagon, I will take normal and boring.

Angie said...

Christensens has been having sales and I found quite a few cute things for Lainee.

Angie said...

Oh, also I had some luck at Gymboree on their sales racks a week or so ago.

Ally + Blake said...

I always like Old Navy or Gap. I'm with you- modesty is always in style :)

Kellie Larsen said...

You got good suggestions...I love skulls and crossbones :) but I adore crewcuts for Macie. Watch there sales< i got a dress I had been watching all summer orig $80 for $30 SAWEETNESS! Also there is matildajanegirls.com or persnikity.com both pricey but lot of people on ETSY do simalarly cute things for cheaper. You just have to search....now if you find older boy clothes hook me up with links because my Kase is becoming difficult to shop for.

lynette said...

oh! i just got the mini boden catalog today in the mail! CUTE!

Nat B. said...

Jill, I feel your pain. I was in Park City at the outlets this past week and I thought I would get Kalli a cute outfit for school in Justice. Think again...I had the exact same thoughts as you as I peered across the store from rack to rack of strange looking outfits. We then left and went to Gap Kids where I found a very cute dress for her first day. Seems like Gap and Old Navy usually come through...
Good Luck!
I don't look forward to the days when they shop for themselves and we don't have as much say :)

Amanda said...

I agree...

Gymboree & Crazy 8. I also love the Carter's store for my kids. Good luck!

Demarcus Family said...

I didn't realize until now how happy I am that My boys will be wearing uniforms.. although boys are REALLY easy anyway! You always have her looking so cute, I am sure you will figure it out!