BE present.

Meeks said...

I made a little framed art thingy that says, "Be Inspired".
What a great give away ;)


please email me at: jillnmortensen{at}gmail{dot}com  
with your shipping info {all the way in new zealand}!

can you believe summer is already winding down?
school starts here in just over a week.

life goes by in a blink.
and that's why my choice for the tenth "BE" 
is BE present.

enjoy each moment.
big or small.
important or seemingly unimportant.
the little moments are what life is all about.

have a lovely weekend!


Hannah said...

i can't believe summer has flown by either. "be present" is a great motto. i should follow you lead and make it mine. I need to soak up these last days of sun.

am loving your designs. it is so wonderful to peek at other designer's work. it's inspiring.

Diane N. said...

Love it, Jill! Without being "present,' we miss out on the joy of all the other 'BE's.'
xo Mom
(p.s. I'm still working on that one, as you know...)

Silver Strands said...

What a good thought to have right as the weekend begins!