oh what fun.

i need a sugar daddy.

any takers?

because, if i had a sugar daddy...
i would ask him to buy me a cabin in the mountains.

and then i would live there all summer long.

and watch the thunderstorms roll in every day.

and smell the rain as it pours down in buckets.

and watch a bolt of lightning hit a nearby tree and start it on fire.

and marvel in watching three little deer eat some grass for breakfast.

and love hearing my childrens' accounts of the spiders they found that had white butts.

and laugh about the time a rat ran across the toe of my daughter's boot.

and sit on the balcony with a dear friend and talk about life and how much we love it.

and eat all kinds of yummy food and not exercise one. single. bit.

and sleep with my windows open every night and listen to the wind blowing through the aspen trees.

and never ever want to go home.

well, okay...once the snow started to fall, i'd be outta there.

but i'd be back next summer.

without question.


Steph said...


it was heavenly, wasn't it?

i wish I was still there.

with you.

and your sweet fam.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love summer time in the mountains! Maybe you can find a sugar daddy with a brother for me :)

Diane N. said...

Wonderful! Sounds like a lovely adventure :)

lynette said...

sounds dreamy. so happy to hear you had a wonderful vacation!

Kehl Family said...

Or you can come sleep at my house...It's kinda like a cabin:)
Sounds like you had a fabulous time!