any day now.

i can feel it.

fall weather is just around the corner.

it is, right?

it has to cool off, the calender says it's nearly october.

despite the near triple digit temps we are still experiencing here...
at least the mornings are getting cooler.

i take full advantage and whip open every window + door in the house
to let in the fresh morning air.

i'm itching to pick out pumpkins, cook chili + cornbread and
start wearing cute boots again!

oooh, and i almost forgot...it's also candy corn + caramel season.

so, what about you?

what's your favorite thing about fall?


The Venutis said...

LOVE fall...everything...when you saw me at Target I was there to buy candy corn. YUM! The bag is already gone!

Ally + Blake said...

Everything! Especially the smells sights and tastes of autumn. I've been wanting to put up Halloween decorations for a month already. Where is the cool weather?!

Amanda said...

Pumpkin Spice Kisses. Butternut squash soup. Football. Busting out the sweaters & all the Fall scents of Scentsy.