crisis averted.

my routine monthly check-up today left me feeling a little like this poor woman.

my doctor was searching for the baby's heartbeat and as soon as we both detected sound,
he said, "there they are, both heartbeats sound great!"

i beg your pardon?

both heartbeats?

at that point, i'm pretty sure i peed my pants a little
and then felt myself slipping into full panic mode.

i let out an audible gasp, and asked...
"what do you mean BOTH heartbeats??"

to which he casually replied, 
"oh, i meant yours and the baby's...sorry, i should have clarified."

yes, a little clarification would have been nice.

and let's not make that mistake again, mmkay?

unless you want to hear my heart skip a beat {or ten}.


The EZ Life said...

Laughing out loud cause I know exactly how you felt!!!

natalie said...

My pregnancy with Joseph started out as twins, and I'm not ashamed to say that I cried A LOT. It was terrifying. Of course, we lost the one, and then I cried because I wouldn't have two babies. It makes no sense, I know, but pregnancy makes you weird.

I hope you fully recover from your mild infarction today!

Nat B. said...

Jill Congrats!! I haven't checked in with you for a long while and I just saw the big news. So happy for you and Marc. My sis in law who is also prego with her third found out yesterday she IS having twins and lets just say she is in shock! Hope you are feeling well.
p.s. Loved Hunger Games Series :)
p.s.s. I didn't find out the sex with Landon, and it was fun. Difficult to wait, but fun at delivery. I think it is special either way.

These Are The Days said...

Oh MY! I would have had a heart attack for sure. That's almost grounds for dismissal. :D

Nick Paige & Josh said...

HA HA HA -- loving it! :)

The Webb Family said...

Oh wow, I can just imagine how you felt, b/c at the beginning of this pregnancy we thought we were having twins...Troy was ready to move us next door to my mom in Beaver!! Gotta love how casual doctors can be about things like that, while we are having small little heart attacks!!

Jennifer said...

Too funny! And seriously it reminded me of one of the final "Friends" episodes when Chandler and Monica are in the delivery room with their baby-momma. It's twins and the young mom just thought it was her heartbeat the doctor kept referring to when he'd say: Both heartbeats sound good. LOL I think there is either a Friends or Seinfeld episode that can relate to every humorous moment in life. :-) CONGRATS!