question of the day.

over dinner, marc and i were discussing a recent design job that i had just completed,
when syd chimes in with the following question:

hey mom, you're nothing right?
i mean you're just a mom.

after catching our breath from laughing so hard we politely told her that 
being a mom is, in reality, a job.
and a difficult one at that.


These Are The Days said...

That's funny. Whenever I try to venture out and add things to my plate (little jobs, or think of starting my own business), my boys will say, "Why can't you just be our mom?" They get so jealous if I spend my time do anything else. I guess its a compliment that they want me around 24/7?

Diane N. said...

Hopefully she'll someday realize what a privilege and blessing it was to have a full-time mom (and want to be one herself!)

Roberts Fam said...

ahhh someday she will understand :)