go big or go home.

today was the day.

the day i sent my baby off to preschool.

i've been so excited for him to start this new little adventure
and the best part was how excited he was too.

so, this morning we started off with a nice hearty breakfast,
some cartoons
and a little pep talk.

got dressed in a spiffy new purple shirt,
fixed his hair
and put on his new super-cool motorcycle backpack.

then we took the traditional "first day of school" photos
by the front door,
hopped in the car
and headed to school.

everything was perfect.

no crying.
no separation anxiety.
no problem.

so i kissed him one last time and said goodbye.

not knowing that i would be seeing him much sooner than i had anticipated.

11:03 am, one hour into his two-hour day, the phone rings.
and it's his teacher.

she starts out by apologizing for the call, but that mitchell says he's "poopy" 
and that i would need to come up and "take care of it."

i couldn't help but laugh.

why wouldn't my kid poop on his first day of preschool?

i'll tell you why,
because everything that kid does is larger than life,
go big or go home...
just like his father
{not that marc poops his pants or anything}
i'm just sayin'.

so pretty much, we'll never forget his first day of preschool.

which is kinda awesome when you think about it.


Ro said...

We are laughing our heads off. What a day for our Mitchy. And he looked so big and seemed so happy. Hope he stayed the rest of the day at school after the call. What a boy!

Papa Clayt & Grandma Ro

Heather Vincent said...

OMGoodness...you know Ginny!!! I LOVE her! She was the RS president when I lived in her ward. She is such a great lady and a superb preschool teacher. You must live right there close to where we used to live when we lived down there. CRAZY...and we find each other on Design Mom!

Steph said...

hahahaha! thats so crappy!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard I kinda peed MY pants, so he has good company! HAAA!

Diane N. said...


These Are The Days said...

I agree...totally awesome. :D He's such a cute little bugger.

Demarcus Family said...

hopefully you get to stay home the entire time today! hee hee Be grateful he is not a kid that goes on a "schedule" like 10:00 everyday! :)

Nick Paige & Josh said...

TOO fun! :)

Brooke said...

I personally think that it was the "nice hearty breakfast" that did it! Well that and the pep talk. Pep talks before the game always made me need to visit the little girls room. Just sayin' ;)