to peek or not to peek?

so, the other day my husband really surprised me by saying 
he doesn't want to find out the sex of the baby until his or her birthday.

that's so not like him.

i would not describe either one of us as patient people.

we went out of our way to find out sydney was a girl at 16 weeks 
and that mitchell was a boy at only 14 weeks.

we could not wait to know.

we're planners, organizers...type A's.

can i really wait until i give birth to find out what we're having?

the more i think about it,
it would make the delivery even more exciting.

AND we have already have one of each 
AND i'm really not hoping for one or the other
AND i have plenty of stuff for whoever it is...


i'm still not sure.

care to weigh in?
have you waited until d-day?
was it worth it?

regardless of all the hoopla, the bottom line is.....

we're having a baby and I AM SO EXCITED!!!


Kristi said...

I couldn't do it but I say to wait. There is something magical about waiting. I say do it.

lynette said...

i couldn't wait and we had one of each too. i've always felt like, 20 weeks or 40 weeks, it's a surprise either way!

i guess i'm just impatient, but i always admire people who can wait to find out.

can't wait to hear your decision!

Gramma Rosie said...

Of course, I never knew until her or she popped out. It really did make the delivery even more special. I say if you can stand the wait, go for it!

Roberts Fam said...

I hear ya we were the same way both thought about it but our planning got the better of us and when I hit 16 wks couldn't do it had to know! Im glad we found out...got rid of ALL my girls stuff except for bedding!~ SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!

Sherri said...

We didn't find out for our first three - and the moment they were born was so amazing and exciting! Plus, it makes calling everybody to announce the birth so much more fun! Go for it! :)

These Are The Days said...

I like knowing so you can plan, but Jax was supposed to have been a girl and I have to say, having that surprise made the birth even that much more exciting. What wasn't so exciting was returning all the adorble girl clothes 3 days later! LOL.

I say let it be a surprise, you've already got stuff for either and you've already got your boy and girl. :D SO FUN!!

Amanda said...

congrats! hope you are feeling ok.
found out with my first two. I too am type a but i have a boy & a girl now...so this one is gonna be a surprise. i am scheduled for my ultrasound in 2 weeks and sure hope the tech doesn't slip and tell us. :)

The Venutis said...

You have the perfect and only circumstances to not find out, and there are only a few true surprises in this world. I say wait! :)

Brooke said...

YOU CAN DOOOO IT! I say wait. We waited to find out with Elsa. The whole pregnancy Jaylee was calling the baby a brother. Poor girl never got her brother but she did end up with two adorable baby sisters. ;) It was fun to have them say... IT'S A GIRL after all my hard work. Tears of joy either way. Congrats again!

Nick Paige & Josh said...

Oh - Fun!! I think you should wait - What a fun suprise! Either way - they will love turkey! :)

Ro said...

The suspense is going to be great, but the time will pass fast and it might be fun to wait and see. We didn't have the opportunity to see what we were going to have and they were all very special. Wait if you can!

Luv ya,
Grandma Ro

Candace said...

It is SO exciting to wait! The suspense just keeps building all the way through your pregnancy. In the delivery room all you are focused on is whether it's a boy or girl and not on all the other "fun" stuff. It's so hard to do but well worth the wait!

Demarcus Family said...

I would wait too! I agree perfect circumstances!

Heidi and Judd said...

Either way, I can't wait too meet my new little Niece or Nephew! I guess you'll just need to let me know if you want your baby girl clothes back or not?
Can't wait to hear what you decide!

Natalie said...

Oh, I could never do it. Maybe because I only have boys and I would rather just know than hope all along that it would be a girl this time. I know that sounds awful. But in truth, now that I know #5 is a boy, I'm SO excited and wouldn't have it any other way. I like picturing how he'll fit into the family, what things will be like with my five boys. Before I knew what it was, my daydreams were more fuzzy..."IF it's a girl..." "IF it's a boy..." I like to just know and go from there. BUT, I'm very impatient too. I think it would be a very fun surprise and think it's wonderful when people do it. Good luck with your decision!

The Webb Family said...

Ok, so that is my big dilema too!! I have peeked plenty of times with this one but have not even tried to see the gender...which is crazy for me since I'm a planner just like you. My other 3 I looked everyday until I could see what they were at about 14 wks, It's like I was obsessed! But this time it's been different. My real U/S is in 2 wks guess I'll see what happens....good luck deciding, it's exciting either way!!