a hodgepodge collage.

01:: playing cowgirls and pirates.

02:: halloween pancakes: cat.

03:: finally cool enough to wear her adorable red trench coat {how i love dressing a girl}!

04:: more halloween pancakes: jack-o-lantern.

05:: eating crackers on the back lawn and playing i spy.

06:: grandma diane came to visit and brought the kiddos each a pumpkin and 
some garden produce to decorate with. they had so much fun being creative!

07:: my favorite little man making me some play-dough soup. yum!

stuff i'm loving

cooler temps and rain...hooray!
the smell of farmers burning their fields.
making corn chowder + homemade rosemary bread...mmmmm!
wearing boots and leggings.
baking gingersnaps.
listening to sydney read her books to me.
mitchell saying, "i hold your hand mom?"
lazy sunday afternoons spent wearing sweatpants.
listening to my kids play "school" together.

stuff i'm not loving so much

reaching new levels of stupidity.
now sprinkled with a dash of clumsy {i dropped an entire unopened carton of cottage cheese 
which exploded all over my entire kitchen}.
going visiting teaching and totally going to the wrong house.
constantly having to email sydney's K teacher to ask questions i really should know the answer to.
royally screwing up our checking account. {don't ask...}

that's all.

at least that's all i can remember from the last week or so...
though, i'm sure there will be more to come in the saga of the pregnant lady 
who lost her mind.

good times.

but seriously...brain cramps aside,
life is good.

i am feeling great and feeling extremely blessed these days.

i have happy children, a fabulous husband 
and being a wife and mother to them brings me great joy and satisfaction.

okay, enough about me.
now i wanna know what makes you happy.

i am happiest when _________________________.

{your turn}.


Diane N. said...

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."
3 John 1:4

Steph said...

I am happiest when i am at peace with my life

Anonymous said...

..My life is simplified.

Natalie said...

...I feel like I have the right perspective on life and my days are filled with the most important things. (and my house is clean)

Amanda said...

I am happiest when I get little insights of info like the Stila makeup that you posted. seriously. Christmas came a little early this year. :)

Love your fall hodge podge. Favorite time of year.