i have to be honest,
i wasn't too familiar with mindy gledhill prior to saturday night.

and now that i am,
i'm completely blown away at her raw talent and sincerity, 
not only as a singer/songwriter/performer, but as a person.

she was here in st. george last weekend and performed at the jazzy java cafe.
i walked in to purchase tickets and didn't notice the cute blond 
under the table fussing with some lighting...

until i heard a voice behind me say, "yay, are you coming to the show tonight?"
it was mindy.
setting up for the show that night.

she introduced herself and we chatted for few minutes.
she was darling.

i told her i was anxious to attend her show that evening and wished her luck.

i did not realize i was in for such a treat!

she is incredible.

her voice is so unique and her sound is so cool.
she writes her own music and it really seems to come from the heart.

i purchased her album, anchor, from itunes on the spot.

and have not been disappointed.

trust me, you won't be either.

mark my words....this girl is going places!


Anonymous said...

You've got to download her other two albums. iTunes has them as well. She is spectacular!

Anonymous said...

I've been a fan for a while of Mindy. I listen to a lot of Indie type music and she is by far my favorite. I love her gospel based songs too. Definitely check out her other CDs. I'm sad I didn't have a clue she was in town!

Mindy Gledhill said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome post, Jill!

Roberts Fam said...

I agree I have one of her older cds shes great