scary white zebras and owl mating season.

i can sense the universe preparing me for the many sleepless nights 
that are inevitable with pregnancy and a newborn.

however, one could have never predicted the odd series of events that would disrupt my sleep.

two nights ago, sis came into my room around 2:30 am to tell me about the nightmare she had.

the poor thing, she was sweating and trembling as she recounted her dream.

there were stars and clouds and somewhere in the mix...a scary white zebra.
what's so scary about a white zebra you ask?
this particular white zebra was coming toward her and chomping its mouth 
like it was going to devour her whole.
pretty scary for a five-year-old.

oh, but wait, it gets weirder.

last night, marc and i were sleeping peacefully when we were awakened by the sound 
of what we thought were two doves mating in our backyard.
not that i know what that should sound like, but that's what we both thought it was.

marc got out of bed and opened our door from the bedroom to the backyard, 
expecting to scare away the two love birds.
instead, he saw a full grown owl perched atop a power pole just down the street.

{and just so you don't think we're totally mad, owls and doves do sound alike}.

okay, disclaimers aside, this owl was totally looking for a girlfriend.
and he was pulling out all the stops.

dancing, hopping up and down, 
ruffling his tail-feathers and stringing together an impressive series of hoots.
i'm just sayin', if i were a girl owl, i would have been impressed.

so, there you have it.
probably the strangest post i've ever written.
but, hey...you can't make this stuff up.

i'm just wondering what the universe has in store for me tonight.

stay tuned.


Diane N. said...


Chanda said...

how cool to see the owl out on the prowl! haha

OH, and owls and doves DO sound exactly alike!

Nick Paige & Josh said...

HA HA HA I love it! :)