a teaser.

family photos stress me out.

choosing outfits.
a toddler, who on that day only, was refusing to nap.
getting everyone {including myself} camera ready.
getting there on time and intact.
and keeping two curious kids happy and cooperative.


it's no wonder we only do this once a year!

which is why i am beyond thrilled when the results make it all worthwhile!

kellie is a miracle worker.

i don't know how she does it, but year after year...she never ceases to amaze me with her incredible
talent and ability to work so well with my kids.

she's the best.

thanks kel!

i can't wait to see more.


Diane N. said...

LOVE! Can't wait to see more!

natalie said...

Oh my word, they are so gorgeous! We have only taken ONE family picture in 15 years, and that was only because my brother (who was stationed in Iraq at the time) asked for one. My excuses are many, but mainly boil down to two:

1. It is mind-numbingly stressful.

2. While my kids are cute, my husband and I are...how shall I say this...exceedingly unattractive.

You, on the other hand, are an insanely beautiful couple!!

Miss Webb & Mr. Hashimoto said...

I dont know why you stress out about them! They are always perfect, you have a beautiful family. Can't wait to meet that new baby! Miss and love you guys!

Ally + Blake said...

That makes me want to get family photos again already! Kellie IS a miracle worker- with my family at least. How she can capture such great pictures with so much wiggling from kids is beyond me. Can't wait to see more! Your family is beautiful :)

ag. said...

Oh my gosh, but those are gorgeous photos! You have a truly beautiful family!

These Are The Days said...

Super cute. I hate doing it too. I'm bad, like only every 4 years bad! :D

Chanda said...

picture perfect! everytime.

Heather Vincent said...

WOW...they are beautiful! She does an amazing job!!! What a beautiful family you have...and your daughter's eyes...WOW!!!!

The Venutis said...

DROP DEAD Beautiful!!! Kellie is great! Love the clothes.