if i may...

take a moment to brag about my thoughtful husband...

you'd be hard-pressed to find a busier guy.


organizing an airport grand opening.
our city sesquicentennial celebration.
twilight to midnight - {new year's celebration put on by the city}.
his everyday duties at the city on top of all the major event planning.
training for the ironman in may 2011.
serving in our church as the young men's president.
father of two small children...{soon to be three}.

i've never met anyone with so many irons in the fire at once.

and yet oddly, he loves his fast-paced life.

never complains.

always follows through.

gives one hundred and ten percent every. single. time.

he amazes me.

but the icing for me was last night.

as i mentioned in my previous post,
we've been focusing on little acts of kindness to celebrate the season.
the kids are loving it so much {and hopefully learning how good it feels to serve others}.

we have some new, elderly neighbors next door to us who are just the sweetest people.
marc noticed they didn't have any Christmas lights on their house
and one day, casually asked if they planned to hang any.

they told him they would like to, but at their age, it probably wouldn't happen.

and that's all it took...

we spent our family night together making someone else's Christmas a little brighter.

marc and another awesome neighbor of ours spent hours 
meticulously hanging white lights along their roof line.
the kids "helped" and i baked brownies.

once completed, he stood back to admire his work and came inside to warm up.
he kept pacing around the kitchen
and going in and out of the house.
and finally, i asked..."what are you doing?"

he replied, "i just think it would really look great if i did the back too!"

i was not one bit surprised.

another hour later...
the neighbors arrived home to a fully illuminated home and were so happy!

but not nearly as happy as our hearts were!

a small, simple act that made me love that man even more than i already did!


Natalie said...

I love this positive post. Three cheers for great husbands!

Steph said...

I'm not surprized either. Marc is amazing. you two are perfect for each other. love you!!

Diane N. said...

Love it! It's SO Marc...and what a great example to the kids :)

Nick Paige & Josh said...

I love it! Such great examples to us all!

Roberts Fam said...

I noticed the great work and didn't know Marc did that....not surprised you guys are both great like that! What a great guy
Merry Christmas

Brooke said...

One word...Love!