happy birthday little love.

i can't help but smile when i look at this photo.
your happy little face just glows as if it was lit from within.

i am so proud of the lovely, considerate, kind young lady you are becoming.
i marvel at the sweet things you say and how you always treat others with love and respect.

everyone wants to be your friend.
and it's easy for me to see why.

you are smart, so very smart.
and incredibly intuitive.

i love listening to your prayers at night.
and how you continually pray for the people in chile and in haiti.

you are keenly aware of others needs.
and you always do your best to comfort others when they need a little extra love.

there's something extra special about your little spirit.
and i'm so glad you were sent to your dad and me.

what a blessing and privilege it is to be your mother.
i can't wait to see what greatness the next six years will hold for you.

i love you sweet girl!




Diane N. said...

Ditto to all that...
xoxo Grandma Diane