feet? what feet?

can you believe i'm officially in the homestretch?
{"stretch" being the key word here}

just a little over two months to go until i become a mother of three.


sometimes i panic when i say it out loud.

mother of three.

i can do this.

please, tell me i can do this!

don't get me wrong, i'm beyond grateful and crazy excited to welcome 
this teeny new person into our family, as is the rest of our family.
i'm just hoping i'll be able to manage, that's all.
it's a lot of responsibility.
i really want my children to be good kids and even better adults.
happy, smart, well-adjusted, self-confident, generous, spiritual, kind and gracious.

i realize i've set the bar pretty high. 
but, i honestly believe these little spirits are some of the best and the brightest ever.
and i just want to do my part to steer them in the right direction.

okay, i'm feeling better already.
maybe this was just the little pep-talk i needed.

moving on.

 my next problem....


what is the expectation for shaving in regions that are no longer visible? 


Heather Vincent said...

HA! LOVE the picture, so cute! I'm sure will be as great to this one as you are to your other 2.

Kalli Ko said...

Dude, I became a pro at shaving by feel which btw I felt gross if I didn't. Even if I couldn't see it I could feel it. 3 kids is no joke!

Lisa Jo Lovell said...

HaHa!! love your new post. I want to see you preggers. To cute!! You will be the best mom of three. Can't wait to hear what your having. Good luck!

meeks said...

I remember having a mini attack before having baby number 2. I had no idea how I was going to be able to look after a toddler AND a baby! I probably had a mini attack before baby number 3 and 4 as well! ;)

All the best with your pregnancy!

Nick Paige & Josh said...

:) You are a GREAT mommy! Baby 3 is so lucky - - - and good luck with the shaving thing! :) you crack me up!

Ro said...

Will try this again! No problem, three children are a charm and anymore that come your way! You will have loads of help from sweet Syd, don't know about Mitchie. And you always have Grandma & Grandpa to help.

Love you all!

Nat B. said...

Hey Jill, I am wanting to purchase some software for my mac and i thought you were the person I should ask what would be the best to get. I am thinking photoshop cause I want to be able to make posters/cards/edit photos/ what do you think? Oh and you will be a marvelous mother of three. :) You've spaced them nicely (not to close) and I think you will find you really enjoy it!

Natalie said...

ha ha! I love that picture. From what I can tell, you're an amazing mom who has a great sense of humor and loves her children like crazy. Just keep giving yourself pep talks and all will be fine=)