a breath of fresh air.

snow canyon from Jill Mortensen on Vimeo.

music by daphne willis

the weather in our neck of the woods has been nothing short of glorious this week.
as in nearly 70 degrees {in january}??

let's just say this is my kind of winter weather.

so, we're taking full advantage of the warm temps and sunshine and getting outdoors.

what could be better?

i'll tell you what.

getting to spend time together 
{all four and a half of us}!

husband is taking some well deserved time away from work and we've decided
we really like having him around.

know what else i love?

the fact that this breathtaking state park is less than seven miles from my house.
have i mentioned that i love where i live?
yes, i know i have...
but i just want to make sure you know how happy this place makes me!

and how happy these three people make me too.



Diane N. said...

Great photos! With your new camera, I suppose :)