b. my valentine.

the cool cats over at b. toys are at it again....

making toys we simply can't resist.

and just in time for valentine's day, they have two totally perfect 
{and guilt free} gift ideas to happily occupy the tiny hands in your home.

exhibit {a}:: Hugs :) Links

a fun, colorful jar of heart-shaped links with endless creative possibilities.
sydney played with them for hours and, as you can see,
made them into a necklace, a heart shape and a giant smiley face!

exhibit {b}:: Sugar Chute

remember how exciting it was as a kid watching a gum ball 
swirl and twirl down to the waiting door below?
i do.

you can recreate that same kind of magic and anticipation with the sugar chute.
just drop, pop, repeat.

and there you have it...
two of the best valentine gift ideas since the invention of conversation hearts.


Ro said...

Our cuties:

Grandpa sure had fun with these two yesterday. Hide & seek, eating chicken nuggets, watching Mitchie's movie - just a great way of spending a day! Grandma was there for a short while to give hugs and kisses. Sydney with one less tooth and another coming in. Are we ever grateful for these little ones.

Love you,
Grandma Ro & Grandpa Clayt

Gisela said...

Such stunning photography! Be still my heart! Certainly helps that the kids are gorgeous too... and HAPPY!

Thanks Jill. You made my week. :)

Happy XOXO day!