the d. bag.

good news!

i made one tiny baby step toward being prepared for this little nugget to arrive.

{nope, i didn't set up the nursery....that one is still on my "to-do" list}

but i did pick up this little gem the other night which i plan to use as a diaper bag.
it's cute, springy and most importantly...unisex. 

but, i think what i love most is that it doesn't scream "diaper bag"!

no winnie-the-pooh themes here.

the fact that this bag will likely hold stuff like:

barf rags, emergency onesies in the event of a blowout,
nipple cream and breast pads is reason enough for me to at least try to be stylish.

oh, i nearly forgot to mention the best part...
wait for it.

not bad, eh?


Amanda said...

Love it. I have yet to get a diaper bag.even left the house last week with no diaper or wipes.taking me some time to get used to 3.

Hil said...

So dang cute! Winnie-the-pooh never really looked good on me either. You definitely scored yourself a deal with that one.

Diane N. said...

Yes! SO cute!

Nick Paige & Josh said...

love it. you are amazing. winnie the pooh - is out. thank goodness! :)

Ro said...

Stylish and definetly you. I bought a new spring purse, brought it home and Clayt said it was cute, but way - way - to large for my frame, (I don't know what that meant). I took it back and picked up a very samll one that I had initially wanted to get in the first place and $17 cheaper. What we women go through!

Love it,

Hannah said...