five little things.

sydney: "mom, you always take good care of me when i'm sick."

mitchell: "let's just hug with our mouths."

afternoon "snugs" with mitchell. he'll say, "mom, let's snug together in my big boy bed."

an ultrasound resulting in good news: my placenta previa has moved out of the way.
{plus, getting a peek of the little nugget inside...}

the promise of warmer temps this weekend and shopping for happy little spring clothes.

what little things made you happy this week?


Elise said...

#1. Seeing your cute prego belly.
#2. 60 degree temps and sunshine.
#3. The flowers blooming in my front yard.
#4. Hannah informing me that "Anakin keeps calling me, so I have to text him back" on her fake phone. Yes we watch too much starwars.

These Are The Days said...

Way to get a head start on the shopping, you'll need it. :) Glad you got to see your 'little nugget'.

Hannah said...

So darling. Your kids are so cute. And hooray about the plecenta previa. What a relief!

This is my last week of no sugar. I'm insanely happy about that!